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About Messilot LTD

Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd. Was Established in 1961, in kibbutz Messilot. located in the beautiful springs valley near-by the Jordan river. Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of steel wire ropes in Israel and the Middle East.

Throughout the years, Wire Rope Works Messilot Ltd. has been constantly improving and innovating its manufacturing technologies, machinery and wire rope applications with a special emphasis on the manufacture of special wire ropes.

Due to their high quality, our products enjoy a worldwide reputation, especially for applications that require high reliability and long service life together with exacting compliance with international standards.

Our product range includes:
  • Steel wire ropes for Elevators. 
  • Steel wire ropes for engineering purposes.
  • Non-rotating steel wire ropes for mobile and tower cranes.
  • Trawl cables for the fishing industry.
  • Special wire ropes with plastic coated core
  • Custom made wire rope slings and assemblies.
  • Polyester web slings for lifting and lashing.
  • Assembly of mechanical control cables per customer's requirements.
  • High performance military components
Assurance system
  • Working under the ISO 9001 since 1994
  • Certified by API(American Petroleum Institute)
  • Well-equipped test facility to examine the raw material and finished products
  • On-Line wire rope inspection devices to reach zero defects
  • Working under strict technical specs according to EN 12385-4; EN 12385-5; ISO 2408; ISO 4344; ASTM A1023\A1023M; ASME A17.6 and some special ropes certified by TÜV/IFT
Our clients